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  • Pawar Builders & Developer
  • Pawar Builders
  • Pawar Enterprises
  • Aditya Enterprises
  • Harsh Associates
  • Land acquisitions done for future project

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About Company

DATSONS Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, India is a privately held limited company that provides local businesses with world class qualified infrastructure projects in the city Pune, Maharashtra, India. The Directors of the company are well versed with the construction industry and the local markets of Pune City. The Directors have a total experience of about 25 years in the Real Estate Business and capable of handling major challenges in the technical, commercial & financial area of the operations. This Company is specifically formed to complete the ambitious project called as Sainik City within a span of five years starting from April 2011.

M/s. DATSONS Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Pune have entered in to contract with The Cooperative society formed by ex -service men association , Pune to develop about 7000 apartments for their members. The Cooperative society formed by ex -service men association , Pune is a registered organization of all retired Defense Personnel from lower to higher rank from respective areas.

DATSONS Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. will provide fullservice in statistically monitored environment. The prime importance will be given to complete the Sainik City project in record time with the best quality and style.

Company Profile
DATSONS Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Pune, belongs to the hard working, honest and entrepreneur family of Mr. D. D. Pawar and their associates groups from the construction and infrastructure field. The Group comprises of people from all walks of life including construction, engineering, project management, architecture, landscaping, banking, power, logistics and marketing.

Company Ownership
This is a privately held company formed by 3 Directors and 5 Executive Directors to start with and opens for private equity player...

Company Locations
Pune Address
S No 106 Shivam, Pune Solapur Road, Opposite Mega Center, Hadapsar, Pune 411013.

Mumbai Address
103Ramnimi, 8 Mandlik Road, Colaba, Mumbai, INDIA 400 039

Company Facilities
DATSONS Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Pune has a 10,000 sq. ft. well equipped/furnished office at a regular commercial complex

Keys to Success
  • Keeping existing clients (Cooperative society formed by ex -service men association) to develop repeat business.
  • Powerful Vendor development and Strategic alliance with foreign consultants and financial partners.
  • Vendor must make money, and know it.
  • Start with easily executable simple module, and build up from there.
  • Enrich the present relationship to greater heights for faster business generation.